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Typical example of a random name (and domain name), that doesn’t make sense.
This has either been randomly generated (maybe from a low quality dictionary), or it’s some classic “keyboard mashing”.

This is a good example of a “LEGO scam”, with very low price and an (heavily) undervalued list price.

The ad is for a, retired, LEGO Minecraft set. The listing in the shop doesn’t use the word “LEGO” (which is trademarked) in the title (or call it a “LEGO set/item”), but it does reference LEGO in the description (“Perfect Gift For Minecraft Players And LEGO Building Fans Alike.”). It also uses a lot of photos stolen from
(Minecraft is also trademarked, but they use it in both the title and text of the listing)

The set had a price of ~$250 in stores, before it was retired. It now goes for, more than, twice that for a used set on the second hand market (new/unopened goes for even more, around $1000 on BrickLink). But this store sells (the complete set*) for $36.99 (with the claimed list price of $59.99, about 24% of the actual list price).

But just because they don’t call it a “LEGO set” outright (they don’t use any manufacture name at all) doesn’t make it “better”:

  • If it’s a copy of the official set (made by a “third party manufacturer”), then it’s counterfeit, a intellectual property violation, and illegal.
  • If it’s an actual LEGO set, it’s most likely stolen (why else would you sell a product for 5% of the asking price).

It’s worth to point out that the owner (and boss) of a “plastic bricks manufacturer” (that repeatedly came out with their own copies of new LEGO sets) was sentenced to six years in jail, in 2020.

(*The site has 3 options: The “cave”, the cave + 28 figures, the cave + 28 figures + a lift. These options are not something LEGO themselves, or LEGO retailers, would have.)

The store has a “link” to “Customer Service”, but it’s just a placeholder, so if you click on it nothing happens. It also has some business information (a company name), but we can’t find an actual company with that (exact) name, but it appears on several similar sites. The contact e-mail seems to just reference an area n Beijing.

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