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Uses stolen images in the store and ad (like the one below).

The image appears in articles like this:
The eagle eyed reader might notice (in the article) that the image comes from Getty images (credited to Adrian Dennis—AFP/Getty Images), and then there’s no issue with the Memories site using it, right‽ Maybe they bought it‽ No, well maybe, but very (very) unlikely!

The image (Getty, Editorial #: 498675702) is only allowed for editorial use, and to be able to use it for commercial purposes (like a store) you need to seek additional permission by a third party (AFP and/or the photographer).

As for the business and contact information, they do list a business name and address/location (which rarely happens, so that is something..). But there are doubts on whether they are real or not, since (according to Google), the only place that business name appears is on (so no government business listings, etc). The physical address is interesting, but probably not fake (at least as far as it is a real address, where several other businesses are located), because (on every map we could find) the street is in the water, but that could be because it’s on very recently reclaimed land, or an error in the map data.
The contact e-mail on the other hand looks like a result of “keyboard mashing”, and does not inspire great trust (it can also be found on several other, similar, sites [where some seem to be run by another business]).

The site also have images like the ones below, to make the customer think that the site is 100% safe and legitimate. But the problem with these images is that they 1: Are fake, put together with random (fake/inaccurate) logos, and fake “certification badges”, and 2: Have absolutely no relation to the actual transactions, and how safe/legitimate the store is.

Some problems with these images are:

  • The (right) PayPal logo is incorrect/old (and doesn’t even match the other PayPal logos on the page) (readwrite, Logos world)
  • The Visa logo shown in the left image hasn’t been used, officially, since 2014 (Wikipedia, Logos world, Logopedia)
  • The left Master Card logo was used 1990 – 1996, the right Master Card Logo (with the outline on the letters) was used 1996 – 2016. The “interwoven circles” hasn’t been used, officially, since 2016 (Wikipedia, Logos World, Logopedia)
  • The McAfee logo hasn’t been used since 2016. (Do you start to see a pattern here?) (Logopedia)
  • For the American Express logo, in the left image, we can’t seem to find an official version that matches the one used here. For the logo on the right the color seems to more closely (but still not 100%) match the logo used 1974 – 2018 (Logopedia)
  • The “Shopify Secure” badge does not match the (current) official badge, and we can’t seem to find a version of it that matches.
  • The “Secured By GeoTrust” is a lie, as the SSL certificate used on the site is issued by Let’s Encrypt, and not GeoTrust.

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