Have anyone responded to you for calling them scammers? / What do they say?

So far we haven’t had any responses (On Facebook or on this site) from the pages/sites that we have called out for scamming. And we have left comments on several of these ads (up towards 100 ads.. More than what’s shown on this site). As soon as we get a response we will, probably, post about it.

We (as in our Facebook page, that we use to comment on these ads) have, however, been blocked by (at least) one Facebook page, to stop us from leaving more comments (not that it will stop us though).

One might think that it would be in their best interest to respond, and defend themselves, when someone calls them “scammers”. But these sites doesn’t seem to think so, and there might be several reasons as to why:

  • Most of these ads (and sites) may be posted, more or less, by bots. So there aren’t really any real people behind to respond. Or there are just a couple of people posting these ads etc manually, with either no time to respond, or they are instructed to only setup sites and post ads.
    Our reasoning behind this scenario is simply that in many cases there are no respond, at all, to the comments (including comments asking about shipping, price, etc). There are however some instances where they have responded to comments, but usually either it’s obvious “copy-pasta”, or short/minimal effort comments like “Yes”, “No” (and often in broken English*). Sometimes they turn off commenting (perhaps after they’ve been called scammers a couple of times), or they apparently stop responding (both seems to happen within 1-2 days, sometimes just within a couple of hours).
  • They think that by responding to the the comments calling them scammers they bring more people’s eyes to those comments, and that more people will think (rightfully) that they are scammers.
  • If they respond to comments calling them out for scamming they “can’t” hide those comments** (something that happens occasionally), as their response would be hidden as well, so a comment calling them out for scamming will still be visible in the comment section.

*We don’t fault or judge people for their broken English, but it might still be an noteworthy, especially when it comes to customer supports etc.

** Hiding comments is an option that advertisers can do on their ads on Facebook. We see how it can be useful in some instances, but it also have some negative consequences.

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