Inconsistent information

It’s common that these sites has information that differs from one place on the site to another.
The most common examples of this is the name of the site/store, usually a different (sometimes just slightly different, like just one letter missing) name is used by the Facebook page that runs the ad than the the name and domain used by the “store” (One example, and another example, that uses three variants/names).

There are also sites that uses another name on pages like the “About Us” sections, that’s different from the domain and site title. We can find this happening with the “Droidnew“/”Playnew” site(s) (that have ads under other names than “Playnew”, but also have “droidnew” in the about section).
Another example of this are the “Funpinpin sites“, which you can read more about here, which all have different names but all uses Funpinpin in their about sections.

These are just some examples of common inconsistency (other things that might be inconsistent across these sites are things like contact and business information, etc), but any inconsistent information should lead you to think twice and back away from that store/site, it’s not worth the possibly to lose money to a scam.

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