Random name

Many scam sites tend to have names that seem randomly generated and doesn’t make much sense, like:

  • Impress-happy
  • Rosyas
  • Analystnew / Antalystnew-life
  • Offernew-life
  • Masonnew
  • Bigbluenew
  • Equinox-nature
  • Peacelovenew-life
  • Surface-happy
  • Views-nature
  • Comnew-life
  • Hihihub
  • Icpcpiv
  • Xxkshop
  • Whlshop
  • Oliywho
  • Heyqueene-btrc

The most likely reason to why the names are so “random”, is that they buy a whole lot of, randomly generated, domains at the same time and then if one store gets taken down they just open a new under the next random domain.

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