Why are our site on here? / Can you remove our site?

If your site has been added to our collection it’s because that your site matches some or all of our criteria for what denotes a scam site (you can find more about the criteria in our How to spot a scam section). The most prominent among those are: The use of stolen material, and The lack, or inconsistence, of some information.

Even if the site “is not a scam”, those issues are signs of bad business practices. A site/business that uses e.g. stolen images in their advertisements, stores, etc, can’t be trusted (and to be frank: shouldn’t be in a business) to be serious in their business transactions (this goes for small businesses as well as big..).

If you want us to remove your site from our collection, then feel free to contact us, but be aware that there are several things you will need to do and provide us with:

  • Some kind of proof of ownership of the site (exactly what kind can be discussed).
  • A reason to why your site fits the “profile of a scam” (uses stolen images, missing information, etc).
  • Update/add any conflicting/missing information
  • Removal of any material used without consent of the original author.

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