Why isn’t here any information on about who’s behind this site?

It may sound a bit hypocritical to not have any “real world” contact information, or who the people behind the site are, on here, but there are several reasons to why (and to consider why it’s not as a big issue why that info is missing here, compared to a store):

  • We are dealing with scammers: People (criminals) who don’t have any issue with fooling people, and taking their money.
    It’s NEVER a good idea to give out your information to scammers (even in the attempt to combat them)!
    For the safety for ourselves and our families, we will not share any information that can lead to any of our real identities.
  • This isn’t about us, it’s about the scammers. And it’s not we that give the information given on this site it’s credibility, and that’s nothing that we as “real people” can do. The credibility of the information comes from the connections and correlations between them.
  • We are NOT trying to take your money, or sell you something.
    Any site/person/business that is asking for money (or trying to sell you something) should also (be able to) give you their information, such as: Business name (and Business ID/Number), Location and post address, contact details, etc.

    (As a side note: The cost of running this site comes from our own pockets, so we are actually loosing money to run this site. But we think the goal of the site is worth it!)

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