The site has no about section, and no business info or even an contact/support e-mail. There’s basically no info at all (except the items in the “store”) on the site. This is the same site as Striking-Happy-Collection, but another Facebook page, you can read more…

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“About Us” and “Contact Us” are the same page (Contact Us), and contains a contact e-mail that appears to belong to another store ( [or “Svpine.Store” which is the name used on that site], that appears to be another scam store, with the same theme…

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Don’t you just love a “Happy Thunderbolt”‽ Another site that uses the fake (as far as we can tell, we haven’t got any replies back), and non-related “” (with just “service” and then a number, that’s, sometimes, different of different scam sites).

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