Uses stolen videos and images. Calls them selves by different names in different places. In the about section, as well as in the privacy policy, they use the name “comnew-life.site”, and the contact e-mail belongs to comnew-life as well. The text in the about section…

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This ad uses an image stolen from a news article about Amazon returns, and liquidation sales. The article can be found here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/marketplace-amazon-returns-1.5753714 (PLEASE NOTE that the article, the news site/corp., and the people mentioned within is NOT linked to the scam site, the scammers…

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The Facebook page, that runs the ad, uses the name “Orala”, but the website uses the domain “oralacky”. The e-mail address given for contact/support looks like either a personal e-mail address (using a first & last name plus a number), or a randomly generated name,…

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