50 RTX 3090

One our favorite comments, because it so “out there” (it might just be a troll, we are not 100% sure, and we love it either way). If one is to believe this comment, they got 50 RTX 3090 graphics cards, which currently would be worth…

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Computer tower with red LED fans

This one is a bit “trickier”, here two of the comments (so far), claim that their “friend” bought the Mystery Box™ and they show of what their “friend” got.But even if we would believe that two of the commenters share the same friend, and that…

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Laptop, showing dials and temperature

This is a good example of how lazy these scammers are (and how they apparently DGAF), they simply take a random image (usually from a review) without caring for the context. There have been several examples of this, where the image comes from a negative…

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