Uses multiple names, and the domain and website name (playnew-life) doesn’t match the Facebook page name. Also uses the name “droidnew” in the About Us secction. Uses stolen images and videos. The social media links are just placeholders, and the contact e-mail is unrelated to…

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The Facebook page, that runs the ad, uses the name “Orala”, but the website uses the domain “oralacky”. The e-mail address given for contact/support looks like either a personal e-mail address (using a first & last name plus a number), or a randomly generated name,…

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Several stolen images (the same set that tends to be used on these sites) Missing information (complete pages): Contact/Business details, About section, etc. The same oversized, and “overly clear”, images for the payment process. The links to social media (Instagram, Facebook etc) are just placeholders…

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